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Yes, it's time to check out Thyssenkrupp Elevator's employer!

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    Friends, the wonderful 2016 has waved to us, it is time to write the summary and hand in the results!In addition to Alipay year-end bills to catch your eye, what else is worth seeing?Thyssenkrupp Elevator here also sincerely published a report card in the field of human resource management in the past, let's test the employer of the top 500 enterprises!

    Pioneer employer

    December 16, 2016,In the nationwide large-scale human resources selection initiated and hosted by the First Resource,Thyssenkrupp Elevator with talent development, corporate culture, employee psychological assistance, salary management and other areas of outstanding performance and continuous innovation,Go through layers of screening,Won the 2016 China Human resources "Pioneer Employer" award,The event is currently the most authoritative in China,The most influential human resources selection activity。

    Previously, Dr. Min Chen, Chief Human Resources Officer of ThyssenKrupp Elevator (China), was awarded the 2010 China Human Resources "Pioneer Individual", and the Human Resources Sharing Center was awarded the 2015 China Human Resources "Pioneer Team".。

    Best Practice Award for Quality Workplace     

    Thyssenkrupp Elevator won the "Best Practice Award for Quality Workplace" in the 2016 Elite Program "Quality Workplace" sponsored by First Finance and Economics.。The First Financial Elite Program is a selection activity for the Chinese workplace, targeting the elite group, focusing on the growth of the workplace, and setting an elite example。Of the many companies that participated in the selection in 2016, only eight companies finally stood out。

    Dr. Min Chen, Chief Human Resources Officer of ThyssenKrupp Elevator China,In an interview with Yicai said: "I think a quality workplace,The first is to care for employees in all aspects,Our philosophy has always been that we care,Not just employees,Employees' families are in our care;second,Employees can grow together with the company;Third, we are a professional place for employees to have a good experience。Employees are satisfied, our customers may be satisfied, the enterprise will have development, this is our wish!"

    The most Valuable Case award

    In July 2016, ThyssenKrupp Elevator's "Elevator Elite Incubation Project" won the "Most Valuable Case Award" in the "China Learning and Development Value Award" sponsored by the Human Resources Intelligence Club.。

     Since the launch of the "Elevator Elite Incubation Project", the company has received strong support from all levels of management and the active participation of target employees。After 3 years of elevator elite incubation, ThyssenKrupp Elevator currently has 4 key talent pools including management talents and professional and technical talents, 94% of key management talents have developed personal development plans, and 52% of high potential talents have been promoted within 2 years in special talent development projects。The "Elevator Elite Incubation Project" is still ongoing to provide the human resources support needed for the rapid development of the company。

    The most popular elevator employer in 2016

    In the "2016 Most popular Elevator Company Employer" poll held by the wechat public platform "Elevator", after fierce competition, ThyssenKrupp Elevator won the first place and won the honor of "2016 most popular elevator company employer"。

    A total of more than 27,000 elevator industry employees participated in the survey, and ThyssenKrupp Elevator received 37% of the vote。This award further strengthens ThyssenKrupp's leading position as the employer of choice in the elevator industry。

    Thyssenkrupp Elevator always adheres to the philosophy of We Care,Care for every Thyssen,Create a harmonious and promising workplace environment for employees,Continue to invest in and innovate human resource management techniques and practices,While helping to realize the unity of personal value and corporate social responsibility,Support the company's market expansion, business growth and sustainable development。Thyssenkrupp Elevator is willing to work with you on your way to being the best employer!


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